Monthly Focus


  1. Welcome Kinderstars,

    Thank you for visiting the Kinderstars blog! I am looking forward to working, learning, and playing with your children this year. Please feel free to contact me at if you have any questions or concerns.

    The blog will be updated biweekly to inform you of the activities, books, songs, and topics we are learning about in class. Please use this information to discuss what is happening at school with your child.

  2. The Kinderstars have been very busy the past two weeks! During the first week of school we spent lots of time getting to know each other and learning the rules and schedule of the Kinderstar day.

    Every morning our day begins with a Morning Meeting. This meeting includes a daily message, greeting, sharing and an activity. The children have played lots of welcoming activities such as Knock, Knock, as well as Who Stole the Cookie from the Cookie Jar and ball rollling greeting. This is a time that we bond as a class and get to know and appreciate our classmates.

    Here are some of the books we have read:

    Don't Eat The Teacher - Nick Ward
    Pete the Cat Rocking In My School Shoes - Eric Litwin
    The Lion & The Mouse - Bernadette Watts
    A My Name Is
    Pelican and Pelican't - Sarah Froeber
    Corduroy - Don Freeman
    My Friend Is Sad - Mo Willems
    I Broke My Trunk - Mo Willems
    Ten Apples Up On Top - Theo LeSieg

    Literacy Centers

    Name Dobbers
    Sorting Letters into Uppercase and Lower case - T/F/B
    Alphabet Match Games
    K My Name Is Kinderstars book


    Daily we have Calendar time and review the Month, Day and Date.
    Counted the letters in our names.
    Picked #s and made a book with apples on top.
    Played dice games.
    Went on a Shape Scavenger Hunt.

    Social Skills

    We have spent time discussing Life Skills 1

    When I call your name, stop what you are doing, look at me and say "yes".

    We have read books about the importance of sharing (The Selfish Crocodile and Let's Share).


    We have made our own Corduroy.
    September Self Portrait
    Apple Basket Painting

  3. The past two weeks have been filled with lots of learning and activities. We have spent a great deal of time learning how to be a good friend, and how friends get along.

    We have learned many more uppercase letters, learned about syllables, and vowels.

    These are the books we have read:

    We're Going on a Leaf Hunt - Steve Metzger
    The Rainbow Fish - Marcus Pfister
    Wimberly Worried - Kevin Henkes
    My Friend Is Sad - Mo Willems
    My Friends - Taro Gomi
    Pete the Cat and His Four Groovy Buttons - James Dean
    Pete the Cat I Love My White Shoes - James Dean
    Pumpkin Jack - Will Hubbell
    The Lonely Scarecrow - Tim Preston
    Owl Moon - Jane Yolen

    Literacy Centers:

    Uppercase Letters - T, F, B, C, S, N, M, U, O, D, G
    Alphabet Match Games
    Apple Poem
    Five Pumpkins On A Gate Poem
    Family Journal Page


    Practiced writing our numbers, played number bingo games, 1:1 correspondence for the numbers 1 - 9. We have begun a Farm Counting Book.


    We have discussed the Five Senses, and talked about food groups and healthy food choices. A special visitor, Wendy Pavlicek, from the Science Center visited us with a tarantula, corn snake, and an owl. The children got to see these animals up close and were able to touch the snake, and the owl!

    Social Skills:

    We continue to work on Life Skills 1 - "When I call your name, stop what you are doing, look at me and say yes."

    We also learned Life Skills 2-
    "When I give you an instruction you do it right away."

    We were fortunate to visit Scooter, the therapy dog from the Burlington High School.


    Rainbow Fish - made with dobbers
    Painted a Fall Tree with tissue paper leaves
    Marble Painted Stars
    Made Witch Puppets
    Made Candy Corn - with torn orange, yellow, and white paper

    Thank you to all the parents who came to Open House.

  4. The Kinderstars have spent lots of time discussing how families care for one another, how families help one another, and what families do together for fun. We have had the pleasure of having a Harvest Soiree through the high school, and have had a visit from Mr. Maguire’s (high school french teacher), class come visit and speak to us in French. Along with this we also went on a leaf hunt.

    Books we have read:

    Oonga, Boonga
    Keisha Then & Now
    The Very Busy Spider
    Kevin & His Dad
    I Know a Lady Who Swallowed a Bat
    Antonio’s Birthday Fiesta
    Tasting Time on Harmony Street
    The New Small Person


    Uppercase letters:
    E, P, J, L, H, R, K, V, W, Y, X, Q, Z


    We are continuing to work on 1:1 correspondence up to 10.
    We made a number farm book, made November turkey calendar pieces, subsitizing leaf activity. The next few weeks we will begin discussing number addition and subtraction stories up to 5.


    Pumpkin carving, and labeling parts of a pumpkin. The class made orange slime.

    Social Skills:

    We read the book The Group Plan and discussed the importance of following the Group Plan. We also read Thinking With Your Eyes and did an activity to find out what Mrs. Smith was thinking with her eyes about. This helps the students see other’s perspective, and gain social awareness.

  5. The month of November has been a busy time for the Kinderstars. We have been spending lots of time learning about our community. We have learned what a community is, what workers do in the community, and what you can do in the community. We have had many special activities including a visit from a nurse, Mrs. Tulipano, from Mass. General Hospital, a visit from two firemen Rob & Paul, and we also attended the Burlington High School pep rally! The Burlington firemen also brought their truck and showed us all the different parts of the fire truck.

    Books We Have Read:

    The Two-Promise Walk
    Put Me In The Zoo
    The Night Gardener
    The Thank You Book
    A Day In The Life of a Firefighter
    The First Thanksgiving Day
    Thank you, Thanksgiving
    The Littlest Pilgrim
    The Little Red Hen

    Literacy Activities:

    This month we have focused on rhyming, the number of syllables in words, and onset-rime for simple words. The Kinderstars continue to practice letter writing and letter identification. The poems this month included The Turkey Is A Funny Bird, and Firefighter.


    The Kinderstars continue to work on their 1:1 correspondence up to 10. We have also done simple addition and subtraction stories. We have been working on writing our numbers, and we have talked about different 2D and 3D shapes.

    Social Skills:

    This month we have worked on Life Skill #4 - When something is too hard find a teacher and say “Help Me Please”. Along with this we have read the book Body In The Group and discussed that it is important to be in close proximity to the group since it is a key ingredient to social interactions. This book also focused on your body in the group also means not being too close, or too far away from others, and when you are in the group this lets others know you are interested and part of the group plan.

  6. The month of December the Kinderstars were busily preparing for our special snowman show for our families. The students did a wonderful job reciting the poem, S Is For Snowman, and singing both I'm A Little Snowman, and 5 Little Snowman songs.

    This month we completed our unit on communities. We learned about different types of communities (country, city). The remainder of the month we began learning about life on a farm. We discussed what a farm is, and what machines help farmers.

    Books We Have Read:

    The Little Red Hen
    The Sandwich Shop
    The Not So Quiet Library
    The Ugly Vegetables
    Happy Dreamer
    Pajama Time
    Pajama Day
    Farm Book
    The Gingerbread Man
    The Gingerbread Girl
    The Ninjabread Man


    We continue working with all the letters of the alphabet. Also, we have spent a great deal of time learning about the first sound you hear in words. We continue to practice our rhyming skills, as well as the number of syllables you hear in words.


    The Kinderstars continue working with both 2D and 3D shapes. The children really enjoyed using pattern blocks to make snowman, and snowflakes. We continue to work on our numbers 1 - 10. We have introduced adding one more to numbers, as well as simple word problems.

    Social Skills

    This month we began a whole class behavior plan. When the class as a whole does what is asked the students receive a star. When the class completes the star chart (10 stars), we have a special reward. The students did get all 10 stars and we had a pajama party. All the students came in with their Pj's on and we had a great day. We are now working on another 10 to have a Super Hero day. We are half way there, so we will let you know when we can schedule this special reward!

    Since December is the time of year full of excitement we have spent time reviewing the previously taught life skills. The main focus was to review and be secure in Life Skill 1 - "when I call your name, look at me and say yes".

    We continue to use the group plan, and Thinking With Your Eyes.


    NO SCHOOL - JANUARY 15, 2018 - Martin Luther King day

    NO SCHOOL - FEBRUARY 19 - FEBRUARY 23, 2018 - February Vacation